Toltec Oval Vase in Pink - McKee or Kemple?

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    Hello Board Buddies - I ended up with a box lot of pink glass that I've been trying to sort through. One of the items is this oval vase or planter in the Toltec pattern. I've searched McKee and gone through my Kemple book but I can't figure out which one produced this item. I can't find where McKee produced this solid pink color. Kemple reproduced two smaller versions of this piece but I can't find where they made it in this size (or in pink). It has the words Pres Cut in raised letters on the bottom but it is very difficult to see or feel. It measures 8 1/2" across the top and is about 6" tall. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

    IMG_20190531_114331408.jpg IMG_20190531_114406634.jpg IMG_20190531_114419791.jpg
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    Sorry, I can't help. Found this that says reproduction items did not carry the PresCut mark. Might be Wheaton instead of Kemple.

    "Reproductions of many of these items were made in milk glass and colors by Kemple and by Wheaton. Some clear glass punch bowl sets, including Aztec and Fentec, were also made by L. E. Smith and others. Reproductions do not carry the Pres-Cut logo."

    From the old Glass and Pottery Association (is it still active?)
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    Thank you, cluttered, quite helpful actually. If the article is correct and the reproductions do not carry the Pres-Cut logo that would imply that my piece is McKee.
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