Trick Dog coin bank age/manufacturer?

Discussion in 'Metalware' started by EricaStormCirca1983, Jan 26, 2020.

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    Bought my first coin bank today. Always looked at them and wanted some on my flea market trips but they always seem a little pricey or I don't ever have that much extra cash at the time. I do have a small antique collection, some nice pieces, some replicas, nothing real expensive. Visited a local flea market today that is going out of business. 50% off everything! Love some going out of business sales, I've driven over 2 hours before to go to one & I have broke the cash register on more than one occasion, it's not programmed to sell that much. Did good on my trip today, got several items & spent about $100. After the 50% discount, this piece was only $20, a steal. I research all my antiques to try to find out where they came from, not just who made them but also might have owned them before. I'm kind of in Love with the past, I like Americana 1800's & 1900's. Seached the internet for this bank & I'm having a hard time identifying it & seeing some conflicting information/not finding one just like this one. It is cast iron. I've searched images of these on gogle & ebay seeing ones that look like this but not seeing a whole lot of them that have a white dog, most of the dogs are brown or black. The barrel is striped, seeing some with a striped barrel and different color dog, or seeing a white dog with a solid color barrel no stripes, seeing similar paint jobs on the clown but not with the white dog and/or striped barrel. The hat on clown is grey, not seeing a whole lot of those either. Don't really see any of this style with the same colors on the base of the bank. There is a mechanical bank colectors of america club, I checked their website, they have quite a detailed history of this particular bank. but I am seeing some conflicting information, my bank has no makers marks on it at all, it does not say 1988 or made in Japan. It looks most similar to the ones made by Shepard, but the bottom of those have a square opening where a key would fit to open it, the opening on my bank is round, the images online don't always show the bottom but I am not finding one like this with a round opening. There should be a hoop in the clowns hand for the dog to jump through which is missing on my bank, also I am not sure if someone has repainted it at some point, it could have been kept in good condition? The paint looks pretty similar and not sloppily done compared to other banks I've seen of this style. Some pictures I have seen of others for sale suggest this to be ORIGINAL, I don't believe it's first edition as it's missing the 1888 patent mark but I also don't belive it's a LATE model reproduction even though what I have read suggests a traditional mark of a reproduction would be phillips head screws, these are phillips head screws, alot of the pictures dont have clear views of the type of screws or the exact placement of them, seen some with flathead screws and some with philllips head screws in other places, this one has 2 phillipshead screws in the bracket of the stopper for the dog, 1 behind the dog, 1 behind the barrel and 1 in the center of the back of the barrel, none in the clown. Any ideas? Thanks, Erica

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    Could be mistaken, I thought everything from China after a certain time HAD to say Made in China
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    It's most often a sticker, which gets peeled off
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    Casting does look less well defined than a known original
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    Rubber stopper, not a good sign.
    I think it is newer as well.

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  8. komokwa

    komokwa The Truth is out there...!

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    You are probably disappointed that it isn't as old as you thought. Don't get discouraged. We've all been there.
    And it is a fun bank. You liked it, so $20 wasn't a bad price.
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    I waz robbed back in the early 1970s with a fake Jonah and the Whale bank. I keep it to remind me not to get too excited about a find.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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