Trying to Date my Sellers Hoosier Cabinet...

Discussion in 'Furniture' started by MadMan, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. MadMan

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    No I don't mean take it out to dinner. I'm in Ohio and I have an antique sellers Hoosier cabinet that I want to figure out when it was made. I've looked over the back and I can't find any markings so I was wondering if anybody knows about the history of these items and if there are any distinguishing factors I should look for. I can provide pictures if it helps, their file size is just too big. Measurements are 29"D x 40"W x 69 1/8"H. Thanks in advance!
  2. Joe2007

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    If you have a way of cropping your photos that would help greatly. I use Microsoft Paint to crop mine and resize them to a more manageable size. Make sure you get photos of the full front of the piece, some of the construction, and of any labels or maker's marks on the piece. The market for these (and other brown furniture) is very weak especially for large, heavy and bulky items. I am out of Southern Ohio an saw one sell about a year ago at an estate auction in very nice condition for a pittance (I think it was $240 but can't quite recall).
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    If you are using a phone, email them to yourself as medium. Save and then post.
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