Trying to identify maker of pot

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    Hello all,
    I have a raku/crackle style pot that I'm trying to identify the maker of. it has a makers mark on the under side (i'll attach a photo) the base is quite thin and delicate. I don't know if this piece is antique or not. But any help would be appreciated! I think its either an S with a line through and dots either side or a crucifix/sword shape with a dot above and below
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    You might want to copy and save this for reference for a helps when you're new!!!:rolleyes:

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    Thanks for that!

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  6. trapmore1989

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    Sorry my first time using the forum, got there in the end!
  7. all_fakes

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    Good job with the marking photo! You might also post a photo of the pot itself, in case that reminds anyone of anything.
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  8. Debora

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    Not to worry. All new members have difficulty posting photographs at first.

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  10. kentworld

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    What a nice ewer. Nice controlled crackle to the glaze. Looks to be studio pottery.
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