Two strands of glass trade? beads

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    Hello all you beadsters, beadles, beadies, beadsperts, bead lovers :) Bought these two strands at savers the other day. The one on the right is 48" long. The one on the left is 34" long. Where are these from? And how old? I know "trade beads " is an overused term and may or may not apply to these. Poking around on other bead threads in here - and using google - I suppose I'd guess they are probably Indian?...but I don't know what the heck I'm talking about. The beige beads on the necklace on the left are bone or horn (I think). Thanks again!


    Any Jewelry, judy and i need help like this.
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    It looks like every bead ever made..........Heehehe!!!!!!:happy::happy::hilarious::hilarious:
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