Unique porcelain figurine made in the USSR

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    In my collection I have a unique socialist realism porcelain figurine of a REAPER. It was made in late 1950s - early 1960s at Baranovka porcelain factory. Sculptor N. Nazarenko. The figurine is unique as it is model signed by the author. As far as I know, it was never put into production. At least for the last twenty years I never saw another one.
    Usually, the procedure was the following. There was a special commission which consisted of artists and members of the Communist party who gave permision to put the item into production. If this did not happen, it means the commission found it not good enough to promote the Soviet style of life and the woman not convincing as the builder of communism. Maybe the bundle of wheat was not big enough or her clothes was too fashionable and distracted her from the bright future (her shoes were okay, I think), or who knows what else.
    Anyway, I am sure you will enjoy this figurine.
    Reaper.jpg Reaper 2.jpg
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