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Discussion in 'Pottery, Glass, and Porcelain' started by Lucille.b, Aug 9, 2016.

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    i don't mean them. I do take it back. I just don't like feeling insulted through condescending-ishness. I had fun, but man, you didn't tear apart 64 italian pottery vendors and four italian pottery Instructors
    with italy embossing capability who vend to exporters just to find gibberish about how made in Denmark earns an Italy stamp and all the while people custom design calling it "Bitossi style" and give them the Italy stamp from a magic markered Londi piece ciphering a catalogued inventory with no clue but Italy 278234 while someone who didn't provide authenticity but an origin of Italy and a pottery mark saying Italy meant "bitossi/flavia" based on a "guess" when it was actually Londi but really just said Italy.. Trusted or Busted all the way here, and boy I like the edit feature. It just irked me because all that flack like...stole the adventure (actually it added to it) and half of it wasn't true after day two in foreign galleries that were...hits :( I'm okay I just thought I unwatched this solved mystery. Only to proofread and see that I kinda did misunderstand Walter but also not..yet I was pretty correct. Starting with Hobby Lobby and how I'd get that clay...
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    I have a great deal of Bitossi. Not all of it is marked, by any means. And Mark Hill, who has written a splendid book on the subject concurs - he's seen some of my pieces.

    That's Bitossi.
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    And just to make it clear I apologized to that someone that actually was probably just being funny but ...kinda got robbed and made me feel (yes, I know its just the net)attacked , I'm proving (again) to Walter that I do value his life to some degree.

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    Yes, there was more.
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    Sir? Even you professed it a guess which started my quest.
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