Vintage Fenton Blue Opalescent Glass Candy Dish Bowl Grape Diamond Pattern

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    I have been researching a fenton bowl. Dimensions of my bowl are about 6" top dia. x 2 3/8" tall. It has the embossed fenton logo on the bottom outside center. At first I thought that the below listing was it but after careful examination I noticed the light blue on the scalloped edges of my bowl ran down onto the inside diamonds as well as on the grapes, vines and leaves on the inside bottom of my bowl, too. The ones that I have found are not that way as follows:
    Vintage Fenton Blue Opalescent Glass Candy Dish Bowl Grape Diamond Pattern | eBay

    Am I just splitting hairs and is this the same pattern bowls as mine or not? Thank you for assistance in this request. Rob
    IMG_0393small.JPG IMG_0392small.JPG IMG_0391small.JPG
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    Others know more, but I suspect you are splitting hairs. I doubt the control of the opalescence was that precise.
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    I agree with moreotherstuff. I can't recall Fenton ever changing the opalescence slightly and then presenting it as a different pattern.
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