Featured Vintage Mexican Pendant-Type of stone?

Discussion in 'Jewelry' started by Alesia42, Jun 24, 2021.

  1. Alesia42

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    Hi!...I'm always Thrifting it seems...I'd rather find a great piece of jewelry thrifting than to buy it from a jewelry store...it's so much more fun making a discovery.....but this is a cabuchon shaped pendant in sterling silver from Mexico.....the pictures don't do it justice....without the flash there is a bluish color that shows up moving in different areas across the dome..... so I'm not sure if this is a natural stone or glass....now I have watched a few videos on Opals and they always state that valuable gems or stones are never put in silver....then I found out that that wasn't always true, that in the past valuable stones have been set in silver.....so not being a expert...its a little confusing....I paid very little for it...and I bought it because it was vintage silver, and pretty......If someone knows what type of stone this is....your input will be greatly appreciated rsz_opal_ring_white_background_009.jpg rsz_opal_ring_white_background_016.jpg rsz_opal_ring_white_background_004.jpg rsz_opal_ring_white_background_005.jpg rsz_opal_ring_white_background_013.jpg
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  2. stracci

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    My vote is for glass.
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  3. Pattywithay

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    Glass faux opal. It looks like it has a bit of blue flash like dragon’s breath. Pretty!
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  4. evelyb30

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    Dragon's breath opal glass. Yeppers! I'd haul that home ASAP.
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  5. Ownedbybear

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  6. Joan

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    Looks like what is called a Mexican glass fire opal or foiled glass fire opal. Here's an example of a Mexican sterling silver ring with a glass fire opal that sold on ebay. Your pendant also looks similar to some natural Mexican fire opals (many examples can be found on Google images). If you can see pieces of colored foil in your stone, then it's glass.
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  7. reader

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    Post 1979. Nice piece.
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  8. Alesia42

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  9. KSW

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    Yep, me too.
    Beautiful piece. This glass is a work of art :)
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