VK Murztal awesome bowl.

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  1. Anyone get anything off here yet?
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    Looks mid century to me - 1960s-'70s. The VK may stand for Volkskunst, which I see online in connection with Liezen Keramic, but I'm not finding anything definitive. Volskunst translates as people's art, or maybe folk art. I don't know if there's a company by that name or if it's the name of a line, or what.
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    No offense, but I don't trust that description. I think 1940s is wishful thinking considering what was going on at the time (I think even late '40s is a stretch) and Murztal seems to be more a place than a company.

    But there is this from Collector's Weekly:


    "I've seen a reference to:
    Volkskeramik Mürzzuschlag F. Birnstigl und Comp.

    The factory was in the town of Mürzzuschlag."

    Anybody check Porcelain Marks and More?
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  6. Thank you so much I was able to find another piece that we have in the same artist and it is from the early 1900 here is the name I appreciate your help Mürtzal Keramik
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