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    Hi all,

    Another piece for eBay this morning, cannot find an exact match on eBay for this one, anyone come across this type before?

    thanks !

    E317C4D7-003C-4FE6-BA78-459868090B9B.jpeg 4C2100D1-99D7-4A3A-93E8-6D3A72AA18FC.jpeg 240C36FE-CB6E-499A-A9FB-1F31A9A527D8.jpeg
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    1958 to 1964 mark used on PZH 'Royal Delft Blue' items. Here from souvenir pieces made for the Holland to Africa route of the V.N.S. (Vereenigde Nederlandsche Scheepvaartmaatschapppij) or United Netherlands Navigation Company. Founded 30 April 1920 to 1970.
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