W. Butcher Cast Steel Tang Mortise Chisel? w/Cross & Arrow Mark

Discussion in 'Tools' started by wlwhittier, Jul 22, 2023.

  1. wlwhittier

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    1 1/2" by 15", tapered from ~0.220" to ~0.112" in 6 1/2"; or ~0.017"/inch. The octagonal oak grip is certainly a replacement, an' the edge has been skillfully re-ground, but not stoned.

    My question has to do with the 3 marks on the face, at the tang-neck: what significance do the Maltese cross, fletched arrow, an' ??-in-cartouche have? Are they simply Butcher's trademarks, or...? Can anyone date this chisel, based on any of the above description?
    Thanks for lookin'!

    39142DC7-8AE1-4D5E-9CA1-E7970D84F38A_1_201_a.jpeg 8CC6E719-8000-41C6-AFE3-418FB3B1FAF6_1_201_a.jpeg 44B89A04-17AA-4FAF-BF0B-4230DE1D3F7D_1_201_a.jpeg A7184DCC-CC67-4780-A1D7-29BA24A2F8D4_1_201_a.jpeg 63330F30-5E9F-42E6-A339-F7FD870688CC_1_201_a.jpeg D4E0D081-5D9C-40E0-A0E0-92FF3F134D0C_1_201_a.jpeg
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    That's a beauty, WLW

    Looks like it should be a "B" in that circle.


    I saw those marks referred to as British Export symbols on a forum, but I didn't see anything else about them elsewhere.
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    Great old piece Whit.
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    wlwhittier Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Your example is nice & crisp...mine seems a little blurred in comparison. I've listed it on eBay...we'll see if it appeals to a few folks.
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    (So glad you posted this here rather than in the old eBay forum! According to a half-wit on the Board of Censors at the time, the word "tang" has a salacious meaning (!?).

    Someone had written in about a knife for sale which had a totally confusing write-up. In reply, I wrote that the seller had probably gotten his 'tang tongled.' A perfectly legitimate pun, and not only that, an OLD, well known one! For which I was suspended for x number of weeks. :oops::rolleyes: :rage:)
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