War Diary of the U.S.S. Bridgeport 1919

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    Is anyone familiar with this booklet. I have done some research and have been unable to find another. I know it has been in my family for 103 years since my grandfather was at the Memorial Day Dinner on the 30th of May, 1919.

    War Diary of the U.S.S. Bridgeport - Date of Commissioning to February 15th 1919. It is a 48 page soft cover booklet printed by the Arden Press, W. H. Smith & Son, Stamford Street, SE England - It contains 33 black & white photographs of the ship inside and out plus the crew. Also, the roster of officers as of the date of Armistice, November 11th, 1918. Another interesting item is the menu card for the Memorial Day Dinner served on board the U.S.S. Bridgeport on the thirtieth of May, nineteen nineteen. My grandfather made a note on the menu card stating "Some Feed". It must have been good as one of my memories of him was that he sure did like to eat.

    Any information on this booklet would be appreciated.

    This is the Wikipedia link to the U.S.S. Bridgeport;

    U.S.S. Bridgeport War Diary Feb. 1919.jpg USS Bridgeport Mem. Day Dinner 5-30-1919 (2).jpg
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    What a marvelous family treasure! Thank You for sharing!
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