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    IMG_1797.jpg Hello,

    Hoping you can help ID this shade. My grandmother bought it years ago and it used it as the chandelier in her dining room for as long as I can remember (back into the 70s). When she passed she gave to my mom and my mom passed it on to me. Grandma bought it in the 60s second hand. It supposedly originated as a lamp and family lore says its a Handel. I am going to put it back on a lamp post. Try to see what brand it really is so I can buy the correct matching post. It is about 22 inches wide. The hole at the top is 4 inches. It has no markings but does have a eyelet protruding from the center (in photo) that the family though was significant. Any ideas? From what I read it looks to bit gig to be a Handel. Maybe Wilkerson? Maybe nothing? Appreciate your help.

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    It looks 70's to me ... Joy.
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    Googling "Handel floral stained glass" some have a similar look. I would keep researching.

    22" across, there's a lot of work in it, for sure.
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    Thank you
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  10. komokwa

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    Not all Handel shades are marked. Ones that were done for special orders were marked but not numbered. Others that had flaws and imperfections were kept by employees or given away; those shades were not marked at all. It is also possible that during the course of 100 years that the mark faded or was removed during cleanings. So it’s a bad sign if the shade isn’t marked, but it is not a conclusive sign that the shade is a reproduction.
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    Thank you, I sent an email and pictures to the website. Will let folks know what they had to say! I really appreciate the assist. One way or another I am putting it on a standing floor base. Other than ebay and craigslist does anyone have a recommendation where to look for antique floor lamp posts?
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    Dare I say Pinterest?
  14. Marie Forjan

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    You know, I wonder about Pinterest, can anyone post a photo with what they think the piece is? Does anyone check to make sure they are right?
  15. montanap

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    The Handel website wrote back and said, "The lamp may well be a Handel shade, or one made by the Unique Lamp Co. who made shades very similar to the ones made by Handel."
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  16. komokwa

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    did they ask if the shade is marked...?
    or ask anything else...
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  17. montanap

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    No, but the marking are usually on the base it seem which I don't have so they had to go of off pictures alone.
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  18. komokwa

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    oh, really..........

    -Yes, 99% of Handel lamps are marked. Many lamps are marked as much as three times (on the base, shade, and metal fitter rim).
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  19. Jivvy

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    But... the linked web site also states, "The good news is that most anything marked as a Handel lamp is usually authentic. The bad news is that not everything is marked." http://www.handellamps.com/authentication/
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  20. komokwa

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    My post # 10 deals with that......
    my point......they didn't ask to see the mark ??...any mark ?? Why not ?
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