What style/era is this... Arts & Crafts-ish?

Discussion in 'Textiles, Needle Arts, Clothing' started by Ninabeth, Sep 25, 2020.

  1. Ninabeth

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    Found at 2 separate benefit shops... I think someones donation got split up!

    The larger piece is approximately 52x52 inches... just assumed it's a table cloth. Then I found a little 16x24 pillow case. It's a sweet motif. Wondering if anyone can help pin it down. Deco, A&C, European...

    Not shown in image, but the large piece has no cross stitch tablecloth-1.png tablecloth-2.png in work in the middle.

  2. bluumz

    bluumz Quite Busy

    I'm not seeing A&C or Deco at all... looks more mid-century "ethnic" to me. But I'm no expert so do wait for other opinions. :)
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  3. Modest Muse

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    Bulgarian/Balkans, I'd say.
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  4. Ninabeth

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    When I wondered out loud in the shop, one patron said "It looks Native American"... and then for some reason I briefly got an Eastern European vibe. Google image search brings up Bulgarian and Scandinavian. Curious thing!
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  5. Ninabeth

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    Thank you! That's what I was just seeing from as reverse image search.
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