Whops! Imay have made a mistake here. Fiestaware and Riviera pottery

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    This dish came through and me being the big dummy i can be sometimes I didn't think much of it. I just kind of threw it up there with a pretty lame description. I was in a hurry I am not going to lie.

    There weren't any markings so I assumed it was nothing of any particular interest but figured someone would hit on it at $2.50. I certainly didn't think about it being the famed fiestaware because it's marked... right? I had never heard of Riviera but then again this is not my area of expertise.

    I got an email asking if it was made from glass. It's not glass more like pottery. LOL! Then I got another email asking about it and another and I decided I might need to look it up. I have found what appears to be the exact same pattern listed on another site but it is in a ivory color. The site is all about Fiestaware and Riviera pottery. They mention their piece as being from the 30's and kind of a transition between Fiestaware and Riviera pottery. Although, I can't find this pattern in this color. Is this one or the other?

    Should there be any marks? I don't see any. Here are some pictures and a link to the piece I found on the other site. I need to get it described correctly if it is because it is probably pretty low starting at $2.50 LOL! The least I can do is get the description right and give it a fighting chance to find an end buyer. Not the first time I made a major mistake I am sure it won't be the last either. LOL!

    Here is a link to the one I found in ivory and below that is pictures of what I have. So is this the same thing? Thanks you guys.


    71888517.jpg 71888518.jpg 71888519.jpg 71888520.jpg
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  3. Kasperscuriosities

    Kasperscuriosities Two hundred years too late.

    Thank you. I didn't want to change the description to something that was totally wrong. Doesn't look like replacements has this piece but between them and the other page I would say it's a match. Thanks again.
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    Do people buy this stuff? I pass it by all the time, though I might have been tempted to buy that platter. I do know that serving pieces will often sell when other things won't. Consequently, I have quite a few attractive platters I have not been able to sell ..... :sour: Seems that there are lots of well designed attractive Fiesta clones/band-wagon trend designs out there that not many want. For example, I have several pieces of the Knowles Yorktown solid color pieces that I use because I like them but have never seen any demand for them. Heck, I can only sell Fiestaware at rock bottom prices and see no demand for Russel Wright locally.
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    Just as an FYI, not all Fiesta is marked.

    Colorful dinnerware was popular in the 1930's & 1940's. Several companies made sets of dinnerware in the same shape different colors, which some people mixed and matched, others not so much. Homer Laughlin made at least 3 patterns, Fiesta, Harlequin & Riveria.
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