WW2 photo of B-29 Superfortress?

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    I came into possession of a large group of photos (posted in the ephemera forum HERE), mostly candid and taken in Okinawa during the very early years of the occupation. Some photos, however, appear to be professional shots, possibly purchased as souvenirs by the soldier. Among the photos was this one. I've been trying to identify the aircraft and the airfield. Am I correct in thinking they are B-29 Superfortress airplanes? What does the decoration on the tail signify? I haven't yet been able to confirm the presence of B-29s in an Okinawa airfield.

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    Of course, right after I post my inquiry I find what appears to be some helpful info:
    XXI Bomber Command

    "29th Bombardment Group North Field Guam 1945"
    photo from Wikipedia:
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    Further info, for anyone who may be interested.

    "During Operation Iceberg, the invasion of Okinawa, the group was diverted from the strategic campaign against Japanese industry and attacked airfields from which kamikaze attacks were being launched against the landing force."

    The 29th Bombardment Group (Very Heavy) was inactivated on 20 May, 1946.

    Found my same image used in this article with no attribution for the photo other than "U.S. Air Force":
    29th Bombardment Group (Very Heavy) Archives - This Day in Aviation
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    Excellent picture and follow up information........
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