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    HI, I am the creator and owner of, which is a free aggregator search engine of auction results in order to help the (art&collectable) community getting more information.

    Wim Daems
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    C – Posting contact information such as phone numbers, addresses and email addresses in threads and/or posts for the purpose of making sales or advertising is not permitted.
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    That was not my intention. It is actually the other way around. I got a lot of hits from this website due to web-referals from people on this site, and I thought it would be good to reach out to this platform. I can assure you I have no commercial intent with this thread. I use other channels for this.
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    Welcome to the Forum,
    We do research here mostly. Questions or opinions are more than welcome.
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    WELCOME Youvalyoucom !!! ... Joy. :)
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    Greetings, Wim!
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    Welcome to Antiquers!
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