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    DH doesn't remember if he brought this back from Germany in the very early '60's or not, but am curious if anyone can ID it.....I haven't a clue.......5 1/4" tall, 4 1/2" across base, whisker less than 3" across top, no cracks or nicks that I can see...........and I haven't a clue what the "05" means in the first image either!! MANY, MANY Thanks for any help or leads you can provide!!! I'm ALWAYS grateful to you ALL!!:kiss:


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    Understandable. Many of us don't remember much from the early 60s.
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    OH!!! My Goodness!!! Thank you SO MUCH, SiS!!!!!:kiss::kiss::kiss::kiss: Oh MOST Knowledgeable One!!!!:singing::singing::singing::singing: Now to rough out a date, which I think has the possibility of not being too too old. But who knows!!! Anybody know what that smallish rectangular hole is in the top of the handle??? Could it possibly have had a lid at one time????
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    This site says that mark dates 1880s.
    I believe the hole in the handle is so that a lid can be attached using a sort of prong and strap but not necessarily that one ever was. I have also seen somewhere it called a vent hole but I don't remember where and I'm away from my books at the moment.
  6. aaroncab

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    German mugs on a german mug.
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    Numbers at the top are capacity, so measure--half a liter?
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    problem with the smaller manufacturers is that they delivered copies to bigger companies like Gerz etc. IF they survived somehow. from the whole making including script, Made in Germany etc., it could be later than 60s.
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    I wrote to the email address provided, and they sent back this!! Although I prefer the date that @say_it_slowly provided MUCH better!!!:smuggrin::smuggrin::smuggrin: I don't know how I missed it when scrolling through EACH and EVERY one, but I managed to.....theirs is also green they are showing....and the handle is more decorative than mine.....plus of course the lid.....which I believe the little rectangle is an "anchor point" for!! At least now I can pass it on to a nephew with information stuffed inside it!!!:happy::happy::happy: Thank You again especially SiS and @janetpjohn!!

    zzzzzzMatthias Girmscheid Stein Catalog.jpg
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