Zeiss Ikon Deco Barometer

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  1. Lucille.b

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    This barometer seems to be missing the needle that indicates the change in atmosphere pressure. (Needle shown can be adjusted to indicate current pressure, so you can compare.) As I understand it, there should be two needles.

    This device does not easily come apart, microscopic screws and washers, etc. The unit is in such nice cosmetic shape, I'm struggling to wonder how an internal needle like that could have gone missing? I do not see remnants of a broken needle.

    No clues on the base, right? Getting ready to sell "As Is" for parts, wanted to be sure there wasn't some obvious explanation. az3.jpg aze2.jpg

    All thoughts much appreciated.
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  2. springfld.arsenal

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    These came in both one and two-needle variants, as well as with variously-marked dials. I saw images of a dozen diff variants (all with same chassis) online and yours is only one with German-language dial, all others I saw were in either French or English. Yours has slightly bent needle, otherwise is probably as-sold. If there had been two needles the broken one would still be visible inside.

    PS-be sure to follow the detailed instructions on the base, every day!
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  3. KingofThings

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    Get right on that!!! :)
    I agree on one needle for I see no place for it to 'stem' from.
    How did it get bent? Glass missing? I don't see it.
    I like barometers and this one is pretty 'cool'! ;)
  4. springfld.arsenal

    springfld.arsenal Store: http://www.springfieldarsenal.net/

    "How did it get bent?"

    Someone dropped the device at some time.
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  5. Lucille.b

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    Spring and King, thanks for taking a look.

    I don't think the existing needle is bent, but I can see how my first picture made it look that way. I had the same thought at first when I was photographing it, but having it in the hand, I'm quite sure it is a deliberate bend built into the needle so that it clears the plate since the screw that attaches it is set back. I think if you are looking at it from a angle it sort of looks that way. I noticed the same effect on the needle in this one when comparing (2nd photo down).


    Anyway, hoping it will sell. Spring, I also noticed there were no other German ones. I'll be sure to include Germany with International shipping.


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  6. Lucille.b

    Lucille.b Well-Known Member

    Oh, and I'll be sure to follow the detailed instructions....every day! :rolleyes:
  7. KingofThings

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