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    I’m at My Mom’s and this beauty has been on her mantle for as long as I can remember. Mom says Dad bought it here in NC. She’s about 10”...

    D9A5FA39-1A7F-4716-BBB5-4A21BA7AC9B3.jpeg 87BF4C55-2296-4257-A557-F0317ADCA678.jpeg 4FE31F2E-95D4-45C3-B67E-AAC818DB7FC2.jpeg 89A877A9-2C4B-431D-8FAC-26E8031078F9.jpeg 53F82071-FCF3-4E43-AD2D-6C5A924BEE0B.jpeg 6E81965F-29D6-4E0D-BA93-9666B1788972.jpeg Jul 27, 2021 at 8:01 PM