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Sep 10, 2019
Sep 6, 2011
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Peter T Davis


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Sep 10, 2019
    1. Vintage Maven
      Vintage Maven
      Hi Peter, I was wondering if it were possible to move my Bettie Page post that is in Antique Discussion over to the Photograph thread. Many Thank-You’s. Vintage Maven
    2. jsnggltt
      Good morning Peter,

      I am fairly new to the board and it appears that I have posted a thread to the wrong forum.
      I put "Tea Bowl ~ Real or Repro Temmoku? + Signature Help" in Antique Discussion instead of "Pottery, Glass and Porcelain"

      Is it possible to for me to change that or to have it changed?

      Thank you,

      Jason ~
    3. Sony Southall
      Sony Southall

      I've got a smallish walnut(?) trinket box with a slightly weird enamel design lid. It's signed J Capo, but i can't find out anything about him/her? Any thoughts gratefully received.
    4. Michelle Collins
      Michelle Collins
      Hi Peter, I have received so much help from this group and I would like to donate, however, I do not use Amazon Pay? Is it? I use Paypal. Is there a Paypal account I can send money to?
    5. Leah Goodwin
      Leah Goodwin
      Hi Peter, would you kindly help me remove or cancel my account? Hope so. ~Leah
    6. BaseballGames
      Hello Peter, have we for some reason been banned or blocked from posting? Unable to post since the wee hours EDT Thursday morning...

      although obviously this message got through just now... but still blocked on the main boards...
    7. Jacqueline Kingham
      Jacqueline Kingham
      Hi Peter I have just joined the forum but think I have done it wrong . I have just tried to upload a W. Wendy Sadler etching and asked how much I should sell for but can't find any of it? Can you help? Would be grateful
    8. CookiesCollectibles
      This is more exciting than I was expecting! I am just anxious to list more. I have been collecting more since my kids have grown and all of my rooms have too much stuff! Thanks for the warm welcome.
      Sincerely yours,
    9. Andyb
      Hi Peter I took a pic with my iPhone but when I try uploading it says it’s too big ?
    10. Asian Fever
      Asian Fever
      Hi. Peter. Could you please help me to remove my post? Thanks
    11. Sarajayne
      Hi Peter,
      I went to post something in the Glass Category and the page locked up and it won't let me post anything until that is removed, can you remove it for me please?
    12. eki
      Morning Peter Davis. Thanks about concratulations..of my birthday. :-) Eki
    13. blueboymatt
      How do I upload pictures ty
    14. Bubba
      HI Peter.
      I tried responding to your welcome message but I keep receiving a error about spam or inappropriate content.

      Just wanted to thank you for the welcome message.
      Regards, Bubba
    15. Jtk42089
      Hi Peter, I have an armchair made by lysberg, Hansen, and Therp. The fabric design is truely unique and has beautiful woodwork. I would say that the chair is in excellent condition for its age. Any way I can send pictures and you could give me a little insight as to what beauty I may have and any information you may have on it?


    16. Aquitaine
      Hi Peter, I went to the site from my bookmarks which I occasionally do, and not being logged in, the big dark box covering the site saying to fill it in, etc, etc - after all this time I did - figuring that if I did - it would get rid of the dark box - well, didn't do THAT, but has given me DOUBLE email notices in my email Think you can fix so I again only get ONE email notice??? If so, ONE million Thank You's!
    17. maria garcia
      maria garcia
      Hello, I have a postcard from 1904 and 1906 of Huntington Beach, and I want to know how much would worth it. Thank you!!.
    18. lloyd249
      so peter i was reading the rules for selling and it states that you can only post every 7 days then you made an example of tuesday to tuesday well that is eight days as there is only one tuesday a week
    19. TheOLdGuy
      HI, Peter. Looks like I really messed up. Ended up with 4 threads on same subject - ancestry search. Several responses, but on dif. threads. Can these be combined?.
    20. TheOLdGuy
      No problem receiving e-mail from this site,but

      A few times notices that are blank. NO MESSAGE, just a blank box. And another box with a date and time stamp. from you? Antiques Board <> I've had two of those with no message. Also another from Antiques Board via ,
      Am I missing something here?
      1. Peter T Davis
        Peter T Davis
        My first guess is that you got tagged in a post that was removed.
        Oct 5, 2015
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