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Feb 20, 2021
Sep 6, 2011
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Feb 20, 2021
    1. Karen Davis
      Karen Davis
      Hi Peter, I have just joined up and think I must be thick or something! I am trying to start a new conversation to get some information on an item I have and want to post a photo of it but can’t see how to do that. Can you help me please? Also, is starting a new conversation as starting a new post? Sorry to sound so dim.
    2. komokwa
      Happy New Year Peter !!
      Thanks for keeping us up and running !!!
      ( & thanks for POOFING Terry's post......he's such a twit ! )
    3. John Brassey
      John Brassey
      Hi Peter I saw the link to support the board and would like to do so as it has been very helpful to me. It just takes me to an Amazon wish list. How does this work?
    4. hizookeeper
      Hi -

      I’m new and I can’t figure out how to post pictures from my phone. I am looking for help about Navajo rugs.

    5. Crystalina
      Peter, Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong? I have only been on here a few days and most people are kind and helpful, but some seem rude. I'm doing the best I can and trying to learn. I just need help,. patience and understanding as I learn how to move through these forums and try to learn about certain items. Kind advice would be appreciated.
    6. Vincent J. LaRuffa
      Vincent J. LaRuffa
      Can't figure out how to post pics and my questions about the items? Sorry for being a tech dumbo. :)
    7. Andrea Horn
      Andrea Horn
      How do I post photos of an antique that I am seeking information on? I am new to the forum. Thank you.
    8. Txkat53
      Thank you
    9. Dave Athanase
      Dave Athanase
      Thanks Peter for accepting me in the group I would like to know how to upload photos please since that I need help to identify the origin of an old brass candle stick
    10. kbam
      Just signed up and wanted to know how to post a picture of what I am trying to get identified
    11. Rosie Ratigan
      Rosie Ratigan
      I also was wondering where/how I post a picture of the table. Thank you for your help.
    12. Rosie Ratigan
      Rosie Ratigan
      Thanks. I have a round pie crust table on four legs. It is highly tooled on the legs and around the top. The dimensions are 29 1/4" wide and 30" high. I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about this beautiful table. Where it might be made, age or any other information about this table. Thank you!
    13. Kenneth Brown
      Kenneth Brown
      Trying to figure out exactly what type of tool I have
    14. Vintage Maven
      Vintage Maven
      Hi Peter, I was wondering if it were possible to move my Bettie Page post that is in Antique Discussion over to the Photograph thread. Many Thank-You’s. Vintage Maven
    15. jsnggltt
      Good morning Peter,

      I am fairly new to the board and it appears that I have posted a thread to the wrong forum.
      I put "Tea Bowl ~ Real or Repro Temmoku? + Signature Help" in Antique Discussion instead of "Pottery, Glass and Porcelain"

      Is it possible to for me to change that or to have it changed?

      Thank you,

      Jason ~
    16. Sony Southall
      Sony Southall

      I've got a smallish walnut(?) trinket box with a slightly weird enamel design lid. It's signed J Capo, but i can't find out anything about him/her? Any thoughts gratefully received.
    17. Michelle Collins
      Michelle Collins
      Hi Peter, I have received so much help from this group and I would like to donate, however, I do not use Amazon Pay? Is it? I use Paypal. Is there a Paypal account I can send money to?
    18. Leah Goodwin
      Leah Goodwin
      Hi Peter, would you kindly help me remove or cancel my account? Hope so. ~Leah
    19. BaseballGames
      Hello Peter, have we for some reason been banned or blocked from posting? Unable to post since the wee hours EDT Thursday morning...

      although obviously this message got through just now... but still blocked on the main boards...
    20. Jacqueline Kingham
      Jacqueline Kingham
      Hi Peter I have just joined the forum but think I have done it wrong . I have just tried to upload a W. Wendy Sadler etching and asked how much I should sell for but can't find any of it? Can you help? Would be grateful
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