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May 5, 2024
Sep 6, 2011
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Peter T Davis


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May 5, 2024
    1. Mike odom
      Mike odom
      Hello Mr . Davis , I’m new on here and I’m not sure I’m doing /Asking questions and sending them the correct way ? Can you give just a litt Help please ? Thank you , Mike O.
    2. Twiztidhyena
    3. Fjodor Nebert
      Fjodor Nebert
      Thank you Peter T Davis.
    4. John Santori
      John Santori
      Hello Peter
      Do you know about Guiseppe Armani
    5. Tinymom
      I would like to find the meaning and value of a stamp of the a silver dish. Can you help?
    6. Adam Dashem
      Adam Dashem
      I need help figuring this
    7. Elderdoodles
      I am looking for a collector to sell my vintage copper music collection to. Would you know of anyone that collects them
    8. Barbara W. Preston
      Barbara W. Preston
      How doing I get rid of the black square box that comes up for you to check when you come on line. I sign in and still it comes up on each new post I click on to read of the posts for that day. Gotten to be a pain so that I sometimes do not even bother to log in unless I want to reply.
    9. Brent Carleton
      Brent Carleton

      I am a new member with some snapshots of 19nth century furniture saved to a flashdrive. I wuuld like to post for member reaction/ info, but am getting a URL request. I am somewhat technologically challenged and would appreciate some help. Many thanks.
      Brent Carleton
    10. Amanda Yonkovski
      Amanda Yonkovski
      I'm unable to post a chair that I'd like to know more about but I only have a picture with my phone and the forum is requesting a URL
    11. Marky
      Hi Peter, can I create a thread about a piece of furniture i want to know more about?
    12. SeekingArt
      Hello Peter.
      Thank you for welcoming me.
      Would you kindly tell me how I would go about posting photos of a recent painting I purchased, so that I may ask questions about it?
    13. Sunnie
      Hi Peter, thank you for welcoming me.
      I was wondering how I ask a question or post some photos on this site to maybe get answers on some of my Grandma’s furniture.
      Thank you.
    14. Laetia Nadine Hills
      Laetia Nadine Hills
      Hi Peter. I would like advice on my grand mother's watch, how will I know how old it is and how do I find out its value, worth. Please assist many thks
    15. Laetia Nadine Hills
      Laetia Nadine Hills
      Hhi, Peter how do I ask a question on this website. I can't navigate as to where to go, thks
    16. Redondo310
      I'm Looking to purchase anything Redondo Beach related. Where should I post that.
    17. Karina Foster
      Karina Foster
      Sir please excuse my slow start and non tech mind. What do I say in the status area? Where and how do I upload images and information.? Thank you kindly. Karina
    18. ken deats
      ken deats
      Hello, Peter. I would like to know how to replace the question mark with a thumbnail on my posts. Thanks.
    19. Karen Davis
      Karen Davis
      Hi Peter, I have just joined up and think I must be thick or something! I am trying to start a new conversation to get some information on an item I have and want to post a photo of it but can’t see how to do that. Can you help me please? Also, is starting a new conversation as starting a new post? Sorry to sound so dim.
    20. komokwa
      Happy New Year Peter !!
      Thanks for keeping us up and running !!!
      ( & thanks for POOFING Terry's post......he's such a twit ! )
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