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Jan 18, 2023
Sep 6, 2011
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Peter T Davis


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Jan 18, 2023
    1. Elderdoodles
      I am looking for a collector to sell my vintage copper music collection to. Would you know of anyone that collects them
    2. Barbara W. Preston
      Barbara W. Preston
      How doing I get rid of the black square box that comes up for you to check when you come on line. I sign in and still it comes up on each new post I click on to read of the posts for that day. Gotten to be a pain so that I sometimes do not even bother to log in unless I want to reply.
    3. Brent Carleton
      Brent Carleton

      I am a new member with some snapshots of 19nth century furniture saved to a flashdrive. I wuuld like to post for member reaction/ info, but am getting a URL request. I am somewhat technologically challenged and would appreciate some help. Many thanks.
      Brent Carleton
    4. Amanda Yonkovski
      Amanda Yonkovski
      I'm unable to post a chair that I'd like to know more about but I only have a picture with my phone and the forum is requesting a URL
    5. Marky
      Hi Peter, can I create a thread about a piece of furniture i want to know more about?
    6. SeekingArt
      Hello Peter.
      Thank you for welcoming me.
      Would you kindly tell me how I would go about posting photos of a recent painting I purchased, so that I may ask questions about it?
    7. Sunnie
      Hi Peter, thank you for welcoming me.
      I was wondering how I ask a question or post some photos on this site to maybe get answers on some of my Grandma’s furniture.
      Thank you.
    8. Laetia Nadine Hills
      Laetia Nadine Hills
      Hi Peter. I would like advice on my grand mother's watch, how will I know how old it is and how do I find out its value, worth. Please assist many thks
    9. Laetia Nadine Hills
      Laetia Nadine Hills
      Hhi, Peter how do I ask a question on this website. I can't navigate as to where to go, thks
    10. Redondo310
      I'm Looking to purchase anything Redondo Beach related. Where should I post that.
    11. Karina Foster
      Karina Foster
      Sir please excuse my slow start and non tech mind. What do I say in the status area? Where and how do I upload images and information.? Thank you kindly. Karina
    12. ken deats
      ken deats
      Hello, Peter. I would like to know how to replace the question mark with a thumbnail on my posts. Thanks.
    13. Karen Davis
      Karen Davis
      Hi Peter, I have just joined up and think I must be thick or something! I am trying to start a new conversation to get some information on an item I have and want to post a photo of it but can’t see how to do that. Can you help me please? Also, is starting a new conversation as starting a new post? Sorry to sound so dim.
    14. komokwa
      Happy New Year Peter !!
      Thanks for keeping us up and running !!!
      ( & thanks for POOFING Terry's post......he's such a twit ! )
    15. John Brassey
      John Brassey
      Hi Peter I saw the link to support the board and would like to do so as it has been very helpful to me. It just takes me to an Amazon wish list. How does this work?
    16. hizookeeper
      Hi -

      I’m new and I can’t figure out how to post pictures from my phone. I am looking for help about Navajo rugs.

    17. Crystalina
      Peter, Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong? I have only been on here a few days and most people are kind and helpful, but some seem rude. I'm doing the best I can and trying to learn. I just need help,. patience and understanding as I learn how to move through these forums and try to learn about certain items. Kind advice would be appreciated.
    18. Vincent J. LaRuffa
      Vincent J. LaRuffa
      Can't figure out how to post pics and my questions about the items? Sorry for being a tech dumbo. :)
    19. Andrea Horn
      Andrea Horn
      How do I post photos of an antique that I am seeking information on? I am new to the forum. Thank you.
    20. Txkat53
      Thank you
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