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Discussion in 'Ephemera and Photographs' started by Snowman Cometh, May 23, 2024.

  1. Snowman Cometh

    Snowman Cometh Active Member

    Another ugly hobby. Stereoview cards. When I was a kid I had view masters, and loved them. I always found Stereoview cards to be cool. But, I didn't have a viewer. A few years ago I found one at a flea market, and the cards started coming.

    I bought 115 at a flea market fairly cheap. They're all original, the pictures are glued to the board. These are 10 that are really cool.

    This is either late 1800s or early 1900s, and it's the best photo of the moon I've ever seen. It looks excellent in 3D. Full Moon.JPG
    Balancing a rock in 1894, Colorado.
    Holding Up Rock.JPG
    Leaping across Sand Rock in 1899, Wisconsin.
    Girl and her dog saying their prayers in 1906.
    Soliders home dining room in 1898
    Civil War Soldiers.JPG
    I wish I could get a better image of this one. The depth of snow is astounding. It's a great photo "Sunshine and Shadow" 1893.
    Sunshine & Shadow.JPG
    Irish rope bridge 1897.
    Rope Bridge.JPG
    Dust covered pyramids. Unfortunately, no date on this.
    The Sphinx 1894.
    People having a good time on the Frozen Niagara Falls, 1893. I love the dog in the front.
    Dog Niagra Falls.JPG
  2. Debora

    Debora Well-Known Member

    Albert Bierstadt's older brother. That's interesting.

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  3. Aquitaine

    Aquitaine Is What It IS! But NEVER BORED!

    @Snowman Cometh, I tried to enhance your "Sunshine and Shadow 1893", but I imagine a "Pro" could do MUCH better.....so grainy-tried to remove some....and tried to lighten yet add some contrast.....

    EnhancedSunshine & Shadow-test-gigapixel-text-shapes-2Ax-topaz-denoise-exposure-sharpen-textai.jpeg

  4. komokwa

    komokwa The Truth is out there...!

    do u have a good viewer...?
  5. Snowman Cometh

    Snowman Cometh Active Member

    Thank you. Now you can see the trees in the background. In the viewer it's incredible.
    I actually have quite a few now. But, the wooden one I bought first is my favorite. I can see everything clearly through it.
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  6. moreotherstuff

    moreotherstuff Izorizent

    Terrific collection, and you'll be able to grow it at a manageable cost. Convenient sized photos posted as well. Anyone who could see those 3D magic eye pictures will be able to get the 3D effect without a viewer.

    Totally irrelevant, but the second photo brought it to mind:

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  7. Snowman Cometh

    Snowman Cometh Active Member

    I'm part of a facebook group on stereoviews. I can not get my eyes to focus correctly to do anything without the viewer. I wish I could.

    Love the picture. I visited Natural Bridge in PA or VA. It's very cool. Though the laser show they do at night is a little lame.
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  8. J Dagger

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    Viewing these through a proper viewer hurts my head. Give me the feeling of wearing someone’s prescription glasses but worse almost.

    When you’re out looking for them I suggest looking for the ones that aren’t part of the major publishers series. In New England in particular there were small local publishers of these cards. You can find them with photos that would only be of local interest. Like a local house, person, military unit, local landmark or whatnot that wouldn’t be of national or international interest. The first time I ever bought stereoview cards it was a big stack. Bought cheaply and the majority of them were not from the mass produced series. I did well on quite a few of them. Many are basically one of a kind or one of only a few maybe. It was dumb luck as I didn’t even see most of them before bidding. More luckily they all belonged to one girl. She got them as gifts over the course of like 20 years or so and dated each one. Some were quite early and the dates I’m sure helped sell them. I’m guessing other bidders just saw the stack and assumed they were of average quality/interest without inspecting them. Some of the above mentioned can be worth $50-$100 each pretty easily.
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  9. Snowman Cometh

    Snowman Cometh Active Member

    That's cool. I only buy when they're either cheap or in a bunch and the bunch isn't expensive. I don't buy these to sell. I collect. Eventually the ones that don't seem special to me, I'll sell. I do have quite a few from this batch that are from independent makers. I even have a few of families that are obviously one off's. The pictures aren't even that good.

    Usually before I put anything up for sale, I do a lot of research. Though if I pay 50 cents and make a few bucks I can't complain. I paid $1.25 for an art portfolio (sold as a book). It had an etching in it that I sold for $1,000. I've had 5 of those type sales so far. I don't even look to buy to sell. I just look and buy. I am going to be a hoarder one day.
  10. Figtree3

    Figtree3 What would you do if you weren't afraid?

    I don't know where you live, but the National Stereoscopic Association will have their annual conference in Wichita, Kansas (USA) this year. https://www.3d-con.com/

    Lots of experts there, and they will have a sales room! Or you might consider joining the organization, even if you don't attend the conference. They have publications for members as well.
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