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    #3.jpg #1.png #2.png #1.png #2.png I'm reading TM-20, Taxco Mexico and 9.25. I can't understand the initials in center of stamp. Silver, with turquoise. Would like to know who TM-20 is or was. Also anyone have idea on value, if any. Weight is around 70 grams. Thanks to all in advance. I'll try to get a few pictures up. Says they are to large. OK have 2 done trying to do more.
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    WELCOME Ronald !!! ... Joy. :)
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    pics need to be under 1mb
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    TM-20 represents the 20th silversmith with a surname beginning with M on the list for Taxco. We'll need to see a picture to answer your other question. (And the list is post 1979.)
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    Shoot - typo! Sorry, should say 20th. (And it will once I edit that post)
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    Is that picture of the whole mark the best you can do for focus or is it as it looks here in real life? It's hard to see what those 3 letters in the middle are.
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    Hi and WELCOME to ANTIQUERS Ronald!! Lightened up a bit!

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    It looks like the smith's initials were AMC, aka A Father'sname Mothersname probably the way Spanish folks write names. I've seen it before and never seen it identified.
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    Welcome, Ronald.
    Yes, the initials are AMC, after 1979 those are always seen with the Taxco registration mark TM20.
    AMC was already making jewellery before 1979, since the maker's mark is also seen on pieces with the eagle mark. Who AMC is, is a mystery to me, there are hundreds of silversmiths in the town of Taxco and most are not well-known.

    It is a classic Mexican choker, Modernist style with a pre-Columbian influenced design. Very nice and good quality. Not by a famous maker, but Taxco has almost become known as a brand of its own. The name Taxco sells.
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