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Discussion in 'Pottery, Glass, and Porcelain' started by Gary Knudtzon, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. Gary Knudtzon

    Gary Knudtzon Member

    Hi! I was Hoping Walter Del Pellegrino could help me on this one. I believe it to be a 16th Century Italian Majolica Pilgrims Pottery Flask which has a very stylized Rooster Artist Signature on Base. I believe its to early to be a Cantagalli Piece but you are the expert. Any Information would be Highly Appreciated! Thank You! Gary Knudtzon IMG_5652 (2).JPG IMG_5654 (2).JPG IMG_5662.JPG IMG_5652 (2).JPG IMG_5654 (2).JPG IMG_5662.JPG
  2. i need help

    i need help Moderator Moderator

    Welcome to the Forum, Gary! :)
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    @Walter Del Pellegrino Would you be kind enough to have a look at this, please. @daveydempsey or @Bookahtoo would you be kind enough to move this to Pottery, Glass, porcelain?
    Thank you :)
  3. Bronwen

    Bronwen Well-Known Member

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  4. Bronwen

    Bronwen Well-Known Member

    I can only chip in that the scene is the birth of Venus, or just after, when she is standing on the shores of Cyprus at Paphos. Jove is looking down from Olympus.

    On the other side, cupids are trumpeting her arrival.
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  5. Bronwen

    Bronwen Well-Known Member

  6. Bronwen

    Bronwen Well-Known Member

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  7. komokwa

    komokwa The Truth is out there...!

  8. Ownedbybear

    Ownedbybear Well-Known Member

    Decent repro, I reckon. Base is all wrong for age, especially given how clean it is, there's no damage at all, which is highly unusual and the decoration simply isn't fine enough.
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  9. CheersDears

    CheersDears Well-Known Member

    It is the base that troubles me. It's much cleaner than many of my coffee mugs.
  10. Ownedbybear

    Ownedbybear Well-Known Member

    Exactly. That terra cotta ought to have the grime of centuries embedded.
  11. say_it_slowly

    say_it_slowly The worst prison is a closed heart

    I think that is probably supposed to be a Cantagalli mark (which would be no earlier that 19th C) but I have to say that I'm in the "it looks wrong to me" camp. I'd love to be wrong so maybe Walter will weigh in.
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  12. Bronwen

    Bronwen Well-Known Member

    I know zilch about this, but the look of the bottom was bothering me too. As I looked at others, so did the extreme vividness of the colors and those dungeon & dragons handles, which would not function very well as handles if you were wanting to actually pick it up.
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  13. Walter Del Pellegrino

    Walter Del Pellegrino Well-Known Member

    The mark is meant to fool you. It is not a Cantagalli piece but still of good quality. This item is not from China or the far east but rather it was most likely created in Croatia during the last ten years.
  14. Bronwen

    Bronwen Well-Known Member

    That region has also been a problematic producer of glyptic 'antiquities'.
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