1947 Jack Daniels Dist Liqour License value

Discussion in 'Antique Discussion' started by Mynameismcgyver, Feb 11, 2015.

  1. Mynameismcgyver

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    Hello, I recently came across a rather rare find. A 1947 Liquor license made out to Jack Daniel Dist (Lem Motlow, Prop. INC) Lynchburg, Tenn. This has been in the family four about 30-40 yrs. Have done some searching and cannot find another...or any information for that matter. Can anyone clue me in to what I may have?
    Image can be found here

    Thank you
  2. Joe Acampora

    Joe Acampora New Member

    Looking to sell it?
    Let me know
  3. Mynameismcgyver

    Mynameismcgyver New Member

    Yes..What is this worth?
  4. 42Skeezix

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    Offers to buy or sell are against the posting rules of our forum.
    In the future please refrain from talking of possible monetary transactions in the topical catagories.
    In the "Marketplace" down below transactions may be discussed.
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  5. Joe Acampora

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    here is my em
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    If you wish to advertise you must post in the "Market Place" section, not on the discussion forum.

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    SPERLS sperls

    You have a rare item....Not many have survived this long...It`s hard to put a value on it...Whiskey (Jack Daniels) collectors will want it...What they will pay ?????

    Good Luck
  8. Mill Cove Treasures

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    Older Jack Daniels items sell very well on ebay.
    I sold a lot of things for a friend a few years ago and the older items did very well. Since you can't find past auctions for a license to make a comparison, it is difficult to put a value you on it. If it were mine, I would run a 10 day auction and start at the minimum you would accept and then see what happens. There are some serious Jack Daniel's collectors who spend decent money for rare things to add to their collections.
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