2 Older Baskets-Native American,Lithuanian,Origin,Age ???

Discussion in 'Tribal Art' started by bosko69, Jun 21, 2022.

  1. bosko69

    bosko69 Well-Known Member

    Here's 2 older pieces I've had for a while.
    1.The first is a basket w/lid.The dye is quite faded on the exterior,bright inside.Height is 8".
    2.A basket/woven bottle,8" height.Not applied top bottle (prob post 1880's).
    -that's all i got.Help,guesses,opinions,humongously appreciated ! Bskt1.jpg Bskt2.jpg Bskt3.jpg Bskt4.jpg Bttle1.jpg Bttle2.jpg Bttle3.jpg Bttle4.jpg
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  2. 2manybooks

    2manybooks Well-Known Member

    I believe the first (lidded) basket may be from East Africa (Uganda/Kenya/Sudan), although the basic shape does appear elsewhere. The stitching material looks like raffia or sisal.
  3. bosko69

    bosko69 Well-Known Member

    2many-Thanks for the help.
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  4. Taupou

    Taupou Well-Known Member

    I would agree, the first basket is African, most likely from Rwanda. Considered "central" African, since it doesn't border the sea, but is next to Uganda and Tanzania. Both of the later make similar baskets, but the rounded top of the lid is more characteristic of baskets from Rwanda, while the others are more pointed.

    The second basket is Chinese. They are sometimes mistaken for Makah or Nootka baskets, since they are often woven over bottles, but the material is different, as are the stitches used. Makah baskets use cedar and beargrass, while these Chinese baskets use a type of rush found in China. The Chinese baskets also have long, "skinny" stitches, while the Makah are almost square, and use a different type of start on the bottom.
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  5. wlwhittier

    wlwhittier Well-Known Member

    I like the bottle...it looks a little like a chestnut flask but probably not, if it's from China. May we have a full front & side view, please? Thanks, Bosco!
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  6. bosko69

    bosko69 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Taupou- Great knowledge,any guess re age ? Whittier-will post front & side views.
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