2x religious statue: need help, identifying and/or info.

Discussion in 'Art' started by Robert Walker, May 4, 2021.

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    I could really use some help identifying one and acquiring information on these figurines. Thank you in advance. All the best! Robert (Past on by a good friend, I got a few sculptures. His late uncle, hand an amazing collection of religious statues/figurines. )

    -Man with sword, crown and ... what is the object in right hand?
    I’ve gone thinking it’s to an ancient British king, haha. I just can’t figure it out!
    -Hight: 70cm, Weight: 720gr.

    -Mother Mary, baby Jesus and...? (Made to be put on a console.)
    -Has anyone seen this image before?
    - Is it made in a specific style or known to be made by a specific maker?
    -Is it a biblical scene?
    (Statue) Hight: 53cm, Weight: 610gr.

    All info is welcome:) Thank you in advance, all the best, Robert.

    thumbnail_IMG_0493.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0494.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0495.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0493-2.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0498.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0499.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0500.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0501.jpg
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