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Discussion in 'Jewelry' started by Merrysunshine74, Dec 8, 2022.

  1. Merrysunshine74

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    I have some cameo jewelry I inherited from my grandmother 28 years ago. Two brooches and one ring.

    I am at a loss as to what era they are from. I know they are genuine and they are old.

    Today I found an engraving on the large diamond cameo previously covered by tarnish.

    "VIII" is carved into the metal directly under the loop which allows it to be a pendant. resized2.jpeg resized2.jpeg resized1.jpeg resized3.jpeg resized4.jpeg resized5.jpeg resized6.jpeg resized7.jpeg resized2.jpeg resized1.jpeg resized3.jpeg resized4.jpeg resized5.jpeg resized6.jpeg resized7.jpeg
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  2. Bronwen

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    Welcome, Merry.

    How nice to have these handed down to you. The cameo who is wearing a necklace herself is said to be en habillé, dressed. These were very popular in the 1930s. Is the ring white gold? She also looks 1930s to me. The other cameo could also be 1930s, but might just as well be 10 - 20 years older. You can make a better guess since you know how old your grandmother was when.

    All 3 cameos are cut in helmet shell. Would have been done in Italy but set elsewhere. The VIII probably had meaning in the workshop where the cameo was made, but does not tell us anything now & has no bearing on value.
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  3. Merrysunshine74

    Merrysunshine74 New Member

    Thank you!

    The ring says "10K" on the back.
    The biggest brooch is 14K
    The gold brooch is 10K

    My Grandmother was 88 when she passed away in 1994.
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  4. Bronwen

    Bronwen Well-Known Member

    It's easy to imagine that she might have been given these as gifts, perhaps 1 when she turned 18, others as engagement or wedding anniversary presents.
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