5 Misc. Burnishers; What is The Material at the End, an' What Craft Would Use Them?

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    I suppose a leatherworker might have had these...but all the shapes suggest specific tasks, an' I can't quite grasp how their different configurations an' sizes fit with what little I know about woking leather.
    Those little nuggets appear to be a hard stone of some kind...they look like polished carbide, but I've not tried to test their hardness.
    Your thoughts an' comments are gonna put them in real perspective, I hope. Thanks for lookin'!

    7BE9658B-5309-4CEF-A1FE-25091AD4BE3C_1_201_a.jpeg 96E3D3C2-C26C-4C86-A04D-10F20D693E96_1_201_a.jpeg 5CACDD3A-D773-4356-927B-7699A2970BD2_1_201_a.jpeg 0984F184-1A92-4A4E-9F6B-10558C8C3317_1_201_a.jpeg
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    Yes, embossing tools for leather would be my guess.
    Leather when wet, can easily be formed using such tools. Personally, I press the tools into the wet leather to produce the desired pattern, this appears to have been the method commonly used in the ancient and medieval period. However, some modern leatherworkers, those making wild west type leatherwork for example, often hammer the design into the leather, which produces a much deeper design.
    The face of the tool needs to be highly polisehd, as the slightest mark will be reproduced in the finished leather surface. That said, some tools have a roughened surface, which is often used on the background of a piece to highlight the main design.
    Try them out, leather embossing is easy and great fun to do.

    A Viking pouch with simple embossed leatherwork design. (Not one of mine unfortunately, as I only have images on disc and cannot access them at present!).
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