A good day at the op shopa part 2

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    Hi Everyone,
    Ok doing this one from my laptop hope it goes better.

    This one definitely has a metal base as it has a bit of green corrosion and it sounds metallic.

    This one has no name on the base so have no idea if it's the same manufacturer as the previous one.

    its a very nice pink glass almost the colour of depression era glass. approx. 300mm in diameter (12 inches ish) and approx. 140mm to the highest point ( 5 1/2 inches ish)

    Hope someone can help me out on this one as well.

    Thanks in advance 20221209_145712.jpg 20221209_145719.jpg 20221209_145723.jpg 20221209_145726.jpg 20221209_145730.jpg
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  2. Chad1234

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    I think I have found a name on this one which could be Robean as you suggest but the R could be missing too faint. My eyes are not as good as they used to be.

    See what you think.

    Thanks so much for your help

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