Abstract painting signed R. Scott - by Irish artist R. Scott?

Discussion in 'Art' started by journeymagazine, May 21, 2024.

  1. journeymagazine

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    Hi everyone.
    I found this piece yesterday while shopping at my favorite thrift. I like the look except you can see where the canvas, or whatever was used (looks like some type of cloth, right?) slipped/bunched up before putting in storage & it's going to have to come out and/or put it behind something that will press it harder.

    I googled R. Scott and immediately found one, but his work is more contemporary compared to mine.
    But, I did find one R. Scott artist from Ireland whose works looks similar?

    Is my piece by irish artist R. Scott?
    Any thoughts in it?

    Thank you!

    20240520_160506.jpg 20240520_160655.jpg 20240520_160726.jpg 20240520_185004.jpg
    20240520_160820.jpg 20240520_161304.jpg
  2. journeymagazine

    journeymagazine Well-Known Member

    Here is photo I took at thrift; I think it came out better because it was taken in daylight (all were taken with my new phone which I'm still learning ) and looks the most like it.

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  3. Marote

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  4. journeymagazine

    journeymagazine Well-Known Member

    Thank you marcote!
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  5. Bakersgma

    Bakersgma Well-Known Member

    Does anyone else see an abstract US flag in this?
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  6. Boland

    Boland Well-Known Member

    I do now..
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  7. journeymagazine

    journeymagazine Well-Known Member

    I do now, too. I thought it was leaves or ribbons before - thank you!
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