African Stylized Female Figure with Beads Strung on Hide.

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    She is ~12¾" tall, ~5¼" across her hair, 4¾" across her arms; weight is 202 grams. There is no signature, nor other ID markings.

    Note the two-bar symbol on the back of her'll be a reference for my next post in Tribal Art.

    Can a region or tribe be confidently assigned to this effigy? Is it tourist art, or has it other, genuine significance? Thanks!

    fullsizeoutput_927c.jpeg fullsizeoutput_927b.jpeg fullsizeoutput_927a.jpeg fullsizeoutput_9277.jpeg fullsizeoutput_9276.jpeg
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    tourist art....1980;s.....or later...
    Akua'ba (sometimes spelled Akwaba or Akuba) are wooden ritual fertility dolls from Southern Ghana and nearby areas. The best known akua'ba are those of the Fanti people, “Fanti Dolls” whose akua'ba have large, disc-like heads.

    see also ..Ashanti doll
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