Age of Chinese Statues??

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    Hi!....This is todays Estate sale haul!....I bought them because they remind me of pics of Chinese antique statues that I've seen...and then I thought it may be the closest that I will ever come to seeing or purchasing a Tang Dynasty statue.....they are said to be Tang Dynasty reproductions...they were sold as a pair and are in fair condition.... the statue that looks like the "mother" is approx 17in Ht and the other statue the "daughter" is approx. 18 in Ht.....there are no markers....although I am aware that there were many reproductions of the Tang dynasty made over the years ....and these certainly have enough chipped paint and dust...of which was probably added to make them look older....I would like to know if these were done in the 20th c?.....or in the 19th c.?....please feel free to share your thoughts.... rsz_2_tang_dynasty_reproduction_staues-age_029.jpg rsz_2_tang_dynasty_reproduction_staues-age_030.jpg rsz_2_tang_dynasty_reproduction_staues-age_032.jpg rsz_2_tang_dynasty_reproduction_staues-age_033.jpg rsz_2_tang_dynasty_reproduction_staues-age_019.jpg rsz_2_tang_dynasty_reproduction_staues-age_020 (1).jpg rsz_12_tang_dynasty_reproduction_staues-age_034.jpg rsz_2_tang_dynasty_reproduction_staues-age_035.jpg
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    Nice finds! The aging looks a bit uneven to me. They seem more worn on the tops than on the bases, which I would think would be more scuffed and worn if these were 125 years old. So I'd be inclined to think more recent than 19th C.
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    Late 20th. I agree with @Potteryplease , there is not enough wear on the base to be older.
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