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    Stumbled onto Antiquers while doing someresearch on a Romweber bedroom suite. Iinherited my fathers 9 piece suite. It’s very unusual, in the past 5 years I’ve only found 1 person online who had a similar piece. Sheonly had one piece of the collection and she knew nothing about it. What I do know is it is American Furniture/ Romweber my fatheracquired it at a farm/ estate auction in the 90’s. He had it appraised they told him it was 1920’s. Anyone who could help or has everseen this collection before? I’m super curious to if it’s been hand painted after or was itactually manufactured to look the way it is. I do live in Indianapolis so not far fromBateville, and no luck with Romweberanswering any of my questions. Picturesaren’t great, an I have it stored now. Their is also 2 mirrors not pictured and a smallbench/ chase.

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    My unprofessional guess is that it came that way......awful lot of work to do it by hand with the proper finishes to add, but wait for others to come along and add their comments!
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    That’s what I was thinking too, but you never know their are some super creative people out here.
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    I did reach out to them once before, this was several years ago. If I remember they where not too much help, but I will definitely try again. Worth a shot.
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    It is as made. 20s is a possibility but just as likely any time pre WWII.
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