...and do I have this Zuni ID correct?

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    Following up on trying to ID two small Pueblo pots I recently posted, here’s a third piece purchased with them. I think I identified this one as Zuni, after finding a really close image in Ruth Bunzel’s 1929 (republished by Dover) book “The Pueblo Potter.” She calls the design a Snow Blanket.

    I can’t ID the signature on the pot, and don’t know when Zuni potters started signing pots, but if anyone can help confirm that it is Zuni, and perhaps a date estimate, that’d be great! Thanks and thanks again. E515D06B-7027-4AE4-A8D5-A235776DEBB2.jpeg ABE8FDC8-7336-424C-881B-7EF66827D842.jpeg D770490D-E733-4DD2-8661-11FA114E3F1A.jpeg C363B1FF-9112-4AFC-9AD2-ECAF75D589EC.jpeg 5A325288-BCD0-4EBA-9192-3F4336C24E98.jpeg
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    It does look like Zuni, but Zuni potters don't incise their signatures. Plus it looks like it's "signed" with initials and "Tigua," so I'd be very suspicious of the authenticity. Possibly a Tigua Pueblo repro of a Zuni design from Ysleta del Sur in Texas, or someone tampered with and forged a "signature" on a Zuni pot. But I'm not aware that the Tigua incise signatures, either, so I'd suspect the latter.
  3. Potteryplease

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    Thank you for the info and expertise. It is indeed a complicated mixup. But it’s also fun to imagine the long strange trip an individual object like this one has gone on—a complicated journey, but, alas, also a mute one.
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