Featured another noobie eBay seller disaster : (((((

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    I learned twice how not to pack with styrofoam peanuts. First when I shipped several pieces of glass I had purchased at auction in Kansas. Had it "professionally" done by the UPS store. They used a lot of peanuts by holding the box under a chute from a huge container on the ceiling.

    When that shipment was received - in my office - I found a few pieces chipped and broken. A UPS lady came to check. Her first comment was "#(@&**a" I TOLD THEM TO ALWAYS PUT PAPER SEPARATING THE PEANUTS FROM THE INSIDE BOXES."

    The second was a $400 piece I received from someone I know. Double boxed but only peanuts surrounding the inner box. Smashed to shreds.

    So I learned twice that peanuts shift, move, and relocate themselves in several ways.

    When I use them they are inside bags that are forced between all sides of inner box.
    By inner box I mean a piece of cardboard which is wrapped around a bubble wrapped piece of glass. If glass is hollow it is stuffed with peanuts or soft paper.

    There's enough room on each open end of cardboard to stuff in 2 or more inches of newspapers. That cardboard piece is then squeezed into the box and contained peanuts allowing no wiggle room on any side, top or bottom.

    The main purpose, no matter how you wrap, is to keep the glass two or more inches from the sides, top and bottom. And from moving within, even an 8th of an inch.

    Don't blame the shipping company for breaking it. Unless they run the truck over it a few times.

    (Cited from: https://www.antiquers.com/threads/another-noobie-ebay-seller-disaster.11490/page-3)
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    And I'm betting he spelled it "Frageelee" on the box!!! Sorry, I could not resist.:rolleyes:
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    I shipped one of my sculptural neon artwork pieces to Germany without breakage. Same with others across the USA. Miscellaneous signage too.
    If you have ever seen the M.A.S.H. type directional sign at Universal City Walk in LA I built that. I shipped it all; huge pipe, signs and neon, in one huge crate I also built. I personally loaded all this into a semi headed there from Seattle. No scratches or breakage.
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    Very sad. Couldn't quarrel with the packaging of my last eBay purchase but reckon some Australia Post workers delight in harm being done. Damned shame.
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    unfortunately you can't fix stupid. too many curriers just want to see what they can destroy, as is obvious by so many surveillance cams reported in social media; and just one is too many. but that is the same with many businesses. maybe curriers should be the ones wearing body cams...
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    While working on that house I'm using the home owner's '01 designated beater Cavalier for gophering. The rear plate frame reads; Too bad stupid isn't painful.
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    I think Cavs were all beaters from the day they rolled off the assembly line. My first car, btw, was an 82. You couldn't go over a good hill with the a/c on!
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    KingofThings 'Illiteracy is a terrible thing to waist' - MHH

    Actually no. The 2400 engine is not good but the 2200 is. Ecotecs are one of the best engines ever made.
    It's a mess because she carries all her gardening crap in it.
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    Gotta carry it somewhere, and not all of us have a Mater handy. Or a donkey cart.
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