Antique Etching/ Signature Identification please

Discussion in 'Art' started by Rdvlvic, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. Rdvlvic

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    Hi! I am a lover of antique prints & have quite a few etchings and prints with signatures I don’t know. This is one of my largest etchings & my favorite.

    Please help me identify the artist by the signature. -A IMG_1854.JPG IMG_1855.JPG
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  2. Elen Beattie

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  3. Rdvlvic

    Rdvlvic New Member

    Hey Elen! that seems to be a matching signature! I wonder if they are guessing. I think it definitely strikes me as strange that I can't find any info on the artist since I imagine any one that had the time/money to make such a large etching 100+ years ago must have had come from wealth. thoughts?
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  4. moreotherstuff

    moreotherstuff Izorizent

    Perhaps Thomas Rathbone Manley?

    Small and blurry, but here's a siggy from another Manley print:

    American, 1853-1938
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  5. Rdvlvic

    Rdvlvic New Member

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  6. Rdvlvic

    Rdvlvic New Member

    What about these? I think they are more modern. thoughts? IMG_1856.JPG IMG_1857.JPG IMG_1858.JPG IMG_1859.JPG
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