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  1. as a young child my French mother taught me how to recognize quality in wood furniture and since that time I began collecting antiques, everything from simple farmhouse to elaborately carved pieces. it's hard for me to see a stunningly beautiful antique piece of furniture and not want to own it. At 62 yrs old now, I sometimes buy and sell as a hobby and I'm always interested when I run into something I have not seen before.
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    Welcome Herbert ! Here's a few folks who enjoy quality furniture-
    @verybrad @Ghopper1924 (sorry if i forgot anyone).
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  5. thank you!
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    Welcome !
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  7. thank you!
  8. thank you
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    Hey Normand Herbert:
    How about sharing some photos and stories relating to your antique treasures?
  11. already done. posted two under tribal art, one under antiques forum. have a small home now so not as many pieces
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