Antique Royal Vienna Porcelain Plate? What year any one know?

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    7A24E1E5-2E33-4624-BB35-488A36EE2069.jpeg 2293B0A8-0755-4FF0-8DD4-AAF81DFFD2EF.jpeg 49CC7A90-25B5-48E8-9A7A-BB7DD8659402.jpeg A82F37D0-88BA-4142-80AB-50011EA21168.jpeg 25614A75-7506-4F59-939F-833A67FF906A.jpeg A82F37D0-88BA-4142-80AB-50011EA21168.jpeg 25614A75-7506-4F59-939F-833A67FF906A.jpeg
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    There have been many companies that used the shield / beehive / Bindenschild. I think your mark may be from Erdmann Schlegelmilch.

    You can read about the mark and factory here. It also explains about the gold cover-up of a mark.

    Used from 1891 onwards, 'beehive'/'Bindenschild' often found in combination with other marks.

    "Noteworthy fact is that the factory also (re)decorated other items; there are quite a few items marked with the E.S. Prov.Saxe mark which were originally created at the Thomas factory from Marktredwitz/Bavaria. Next to the E.S. mark these items carry a golden cover-up which barely hides the original mark (e.g. Thomas "Sevres" Bavaria).

    One of the marks used by this manufacturer is often referred to as the 'beehive' mark, which in reality represents a banded shield used first by the k.k. Ärarial-Manufactur Wien (Royal Porcelain Manufactury) in Vienna (Austria), but because so many people see it as a beehive that is what it has become known as. All 'beehive' marks are extremely ambiguous and problematic because over the years many European porcelain manufacturers 'borrowed' it or invented their own variation, thus making identification very difficult. In case of the beehive used by Erdmann Schlegelmilch though it is easily identifiable as it included a dot. This mark was frequently used on porcelain decorated with mythical, classical or allegorical scenes with borders typically held in deep wine, dark green or cobalt blue."
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    Ah, you're quick!
  7. Kaiserpoo

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  8. johnnycb09

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    That doesnt look like Royal Vienna quality to me . Not even close.
  9. John Brassey

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    It’s printed. The price is way out. It would sell at our local auction for under £20
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    WHY is the lady in orange
    WHY is the lady in blue watering (with wine? mead?) a garland of roses in midair?
  11. say_it_slowly

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    I'm thinking the one in orange might be a he.
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    Hair down, trousers... Not to mention the only one fully clothed and shod, comfortably seated, catered to by three comely women... Think you're right. (Plus ça change.)

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  13. silverbell

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    But of course!

    But I'm still wondering about those knees...
  14. say_it_slowly

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