Antique Wooden Chest Domed Lid Brass Fixtures - Period? Wood type? Help needed!

Discussion in 'Furniture' started by KatyG, Jan 3, 2024.

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    Chest - 1.jpeg Chest - 1 (1).jpeg Chest - 1 (3).jpeg upload_2024-1-3_19-34-22.jpeg Chest - 1 (4).jpeg I have this lovely chest and would like some more information on it. From my research I believe it's pre-19th century due to the rough surface of the brass, and that it isn't a peasant chest due to the refined handiwork and banded inlay on the border of the lid. Blanket chest perhaps? No idea as to which wood, or exact period, or location of origin. Any ideas are greatly appreciated! :)
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    Looks to be pine with walnut burl accents. I would think, give or take, a mid-19th century blanket chest. I really don't see anything to place it earlier. I am not so sure that the bottom molding and base are original to the chest.
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