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Discussion in 'Jewelry' started by Kittie, Jan 26, 2022.

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    D23E7832-C92A-41D7-AB13-42B4100041DF.jpeg 584071DF-81FB-46C0-9B1C-3DC064E86768.jpeg D55A0B60-8705-4B17-B63A-F3F8ADA79242.jpeg 7053AD5B-6AB2-4E8E-9D5B-FC20C4C1380D.jpeg EA9B806F-358B-4C92-85E0-CD68E9C6738B.jpeg 41171F6C-D116-482B-A9D4-6C88BEC1839C.jpeg 5FECC699-5A1D-4E32-8773-C4E66CBD4B09.jpeg 5605DF30-CD97-4F16-95E2-28B788A94F7E.jpeg 3441C22C-663E-4C8E-B146-5008D37324AB.jpeg I have had this bracelet and this necklace forever. The bracelet needs to be cleaned. The only marks on it are on the clasp, a cursive JF. The necklace has a 14k marking on the clasp but I am well aware that stamps are readily available. Just looking for any info.
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    No great age on either; lobster claws like that became standard in the 1990s. The necklace wants to be brutalist, but there's no mark to say whodunnit and I wouldn't trust the metal mark without testing it if I were you. The bracelet may be even newer and apprears to be a nice grade of costume. Again, it needs testing. The japanned finish makes me wonder.
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    Aqui- your repost makes it look like Lia Sophia, which would surprise me not at all.
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