Featured Any info on antique(?) cigarette lamp w/retracting elec. lighter?

Discussion in 'Antique Discussion' started by journeymagazine, May 21, 2024.

  1. journeymagazine

    journeymagazine Well-Known Member

    A very cool find at the thrift store today!
    1950s? 1960s? cigarette/cigar lamp with a ashtray and a electric lighter on a spring loaded electrical line that pulls the lighter back into its spot after you finish.
    But I'm not testing it! The lamp's electrical cord looks good, but the lighters cord looks a little iffy - turn the lighter's swith & it might lite more than my Cigarette!
    I'll definitely recommend replacing it to potential buyers - but the lamp itself is as cool as cool can be !

    How old is it?
    Is it wrought iron like the twisted pieces on the shade/finial suggest?
    And what is that figure/creature at top of finial? It looks like a artistic crocodile to me!

    Any information about it would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

    20240521_174154.jpg 20240521_174443.jpg 20240521_144103.jpg 20240521_144111.jpg 20240521_144121.jpg 20240521_144128.jpg 20240521_144057.jpg 20240521_144148.jpg
  2. verybrad

    verybrad Well-Known Member

    Killer lamp that I take to be 1930s. The mica shade is the star of this lamp.
  3. journeymagazine

    journeymagazine Well-Known Member

    Here is the underside with the retractable mechanism.
    Also the shade connects differently than any I've seen before - the bolt under the upside down U shape screws into the lamp connecting the shade to it!

    20240521_201357.jpg 20240521_201724.jpg 20240521_201404.jpg 20240521_200421.jpg 20240521_200815.jpg 20240521_200631.jpg
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  4. Aquitaine

    Aquitaine Is What It IS! But NEVER BORED!

    The "creature" kind of looks like it might be a 'sideways' Octopus????
  5. journeymagazine

    journeymagazine Well-Known Member

  6. journeymagazine

    journeymagazine Well-Known Member

    That's been run over!
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  7. Roaring20s

    Roaring20s Well-Known Member

  8. Roaring20s

    Roaring20s Well-Known Member

  9. Sedona

    Sedona Well-Known Member

    The mica shade is fantastic!

    The finial creature reminds me of some Virden dog head lamps, even though it’s not the same.
  10. journeymagazine

    journeymagazine Well-Known Member

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  11. journeymagazine

    journeymagazine Well-Known Member

    1920's - so is it art deco or art nouveau?
    Thank you everyone for your help with this!
  12. bosko69

    bosko69 Well-Known Member

    Great score J,nailed it ! I'd say it was Deco Spanish Revival w/ fancier (the base & floral motifs) baroque/rococo touches.
    '1930's California Spanish Revival Wrought Iron/Bronze (Brass) Lamp Lighter'.
    I'd really play with keywords on this one-you could make some loot on this (unless you wanted to sell it to me cheap-along w/ that Chicken Egg Vending Machine !).
  13. Any Jewelry

    Any Jewelry Well-Known Member

    I think it is meant to be a dragon. A link with fire.;)
    Neither. Both Art Nouveau and Art Deco are period styles, not periods.
    It is the same period as Art Deco, but not in the Art Deco style. Other styles were also popular during the 20s and 30s.
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