Any info on this 1951 “Grayce” Bride & Groom? Royal Doulton?

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  1. Hi, and thank you for your kind interest. This estate sale find measures a robust 12” tall. They are dated 2/4/1951 and both are signed "Grayce”. The Bridal Gown certainly has the look and shape of Royal Doulton. They have a much stronger opalescence in person. Thank you, again!


    IMG_8945.jpg IMG_8946.jpg IMG_8960.jpg IMG_8946.jpg
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    They're not Royal Doulton, but appear to be done by a hobbyist who signed and dated her work.
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    Agree with sassafras, def not Doulton. They are amateur quality, not professional... and Doulton would be marked.
    A hobbyist named Grayce purchased unfinished figures, painted them, and had them fired on/around 2-4-51. The impressed numbers... 050?... would be the mold number.
    I remember my mother doing similar in the 1960s/70s... we had a local hobby ceramics shop that would sell the unfinished pieces, use of paints and glazes, and then fire your project for you.
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  4. I do believe you are correct, and that was my original assessment, but the opalescent glaze threw me...
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