Any information on age style wood etc please

Discussion in 'Furniture' started by Clunt91, Jul 13, 2020.

  1. Clunt91

    Clunt91 New Member

    Would love some information on this please

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  2. judy

    judy Well-Known Member

    Hi Clunt!

    Welcome to Antiquers...........:cat:

    Can't see very much from your posted photos.

    Choose Full Image for larger viewing. Also where are you located? Size? Inside photos.

    I'm guessing it's a wardrobe, and not an antique....but wait for the furniture people, and provide better pictures for them.

    It's all good.....not judging your first attempt......we've all been there.:cat:
  3. wiscbirddog

    wiscbirddog Well-Known Member

  4. Clunt91

    Clunt91 New Member

    Yes rushed to pop it on I’ll get some more pictures and dimensions

  5. verybrad

    verybrad Well-Known Member

    30s or so European wardrobe. Mahogany.
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  6. Clunt91

    Clunt91 New Member

    Thanks what price would be a fair price
  7. verybrad

    verybrad Well-Known Member

    Value really depends on where you are and how selling. This would be a difficult sale for me here in the Midwest US due to size. I assume it breaks down but customers usually don't want to deal with this and most won't have the space for this once assembled. Sad to say, would be lucky to get a couple hundred here. You may do better (or worse) where you are.
  8. Clunt91

    Clunt91 New Member

    Hi I am in the Lancashire England U.K.

    Yes it does breakdown the last section comes off. And the top and bottom which it sits into come off. So it can be transported and up staircases.

    it’s a lovely piece sturdy and heavy. Just didn’t have any idea of value as they seem to vary so much on price.
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