Anyone able to translate Chinese characters from a bronze cannon?

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    Let's see if I can post a pic, or at least a link. These links are safe-they go to James d. Julia auctioneer website. I asked about this cannon on the
    eb antiques bd a few years ago, and one KH1889 I think gave me good info. But somehow that stuff didn't transfer from old 'puter to new one as it should have and I must now reconstruct it.:

    Here's a pic of the cannon, about 3' long, ca. 1870, 95mm, 6-groove rifled bore:
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    That's cool! - perfect size for my office - aim it right out the door - sends the message - "do you REALLY want to bother me with that right now?"

    Sorry - it's been a looooong week! - cheers
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    BTW they've added many photos of the items to their website, scroll 1/5 way down the page to see the nice cannons. Be sure to go all the way to the last pic, in which I had intended to have my old friend Heidi Klum appear, since she was in town when we were shooting (photos.) She and her entourage showed up, she in the thong bikini I requested, but unfortunately the humidity was near 100 pct that morning, causing her wonderful straight hair to frizz up terribly, and her agent advised her not to pose with the cannons. So the best I could do for a model was one of her bodyguards, Hans Schimmelpfennig, who you see in the photo.
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