Anyone familiar with antique veterinary tools?

Discussion in 'Tools' started by UncleChuckTX, Sep 6, 2014.

  1. UncleChuckTX

    UncleChuckTX Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have any idea about the purpose of this tool? It appears to be cast iron, which at one time had some type of top layer that has worn away (nickel, chrome, etc?).

    It's fully marked, and I've found information about the maker. But I have no idea what kind of instrument it is, and if I have the whole thing. The knobs (cleats?) on the outside of the ends make me think that there are pieces missing which would have attached there.

    Here is the bio of the creator:

    I did try to contact them, but got no response. If no one knows what the tool is, could you give me pointers on how to search for the patent? I tried looking this up by inventor name and patent number at the US government patent site, but had no luck.

    If you have any ideas or can point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.



    Back side. The tension knob is unfortunately rusted in place.

    Dr. Frank E. Rutherford, Maker, Patented

    Pat. 07

    Dallas, Tex - DRS. R. & R. Co. -
    Coincidentally, there is a letter from Dr. Rutherford with the company name listed now on eBay:
  2. UncleChuckTX

    UncleChuckTX Well-Known Member

    HA - After typing all that out, I just noticed the drawing on the letter from the eBay auction:

    So, would anyone agree that's what this is? I looked up horse mouth speculums online. There would have been a pair of my pieces, with inserts that attached to the ends and connected through the mouth, and straps to hold everything in place?
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  3. Ladybranch

    Ladybranch Well-Known Member

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  4. afantiques

    afantiques Well-Known Member

    Someone has to say that that is straight from the horse's mouth................


    I'll get me coat................
  5. UncleChuckTX

    UncleChuckTX Well-Known Member

    WOW. Thanks so much for finding that patent. I couldn't figure out the patent site's search function at all. Then I saw the link to their "how to search" tutorial, which said it would take at minimum 35 minutes to complete.

    I appreciate the help!
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  6. spirit-of-shiloh

    spirit-of-shiloh Well-Known Member

    LOL, how times have changed ;)
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  7. yourturntoloveit

    yourturntoloveit Well-Known Member

    Well, yeah, times have changed for horse mouth speculums but . . . . :doctor: :nailbiting: :wideyed:
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  8. UncleChuckTX

    UncleChuckTX Well-Known Member

    That poor horse. It looks high.

    Thanks for posting that pic. I did a reverse-image search and found its original blog page. I don't know much about horse health issues, and it was an interesting read. I had no idea their teeth are prone to becoming misshapen. I thought a tool like this would be used for dental emergencies / exams / cleanings. I had no idea that many horses require their teeth to be frequently ground down smooth - with a tool that attaches to what appears to be a hand-held power drill.


    Here's the page, if anyone is curious:
  9. spirit-of-shiloh

    spirit-of-shiloh Well-Known Member

    We horsey folks call it floating the teeth ;)
  10. yourturntoloveit

    yourturntoloveit Well-Known Member

    I'm curious about something -- does the same veterinarian who comes to look after the horses' teeth also look after their other health needs during the year? What I'm trying to determine is if the horses are familiar with and "like" the same veterinarian when it's just a routine health check-up and not doing something as "involved" as doing a horse's teeth.
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  11. spirit-of-shiloh

    spirit-of-shiloh Well-Known Member

    Yes the large animal vet. does colicks aka belly aches,twists,etc.,floats teeth,gives shots and surgeries,etc.. Farriers used to float teeth too but the Veterianary Assoc. put a stop to it.

    That contraption I posted a pic of looks a bit excessive. A routine float the vet uses a simple aparatas, looks like this horse needed extensive dental work.
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  12. Dawnno

    Dawnno Well-Known Member

    Take it from a patent lawyer, your 'mistake' was to try the USPTO site first. Use Google patents next time - I do. and I agree with Lady Branch that the patent is for this item ... except you pics show only 1/4 of the invention that the patent claim covers. You are missing the "mouth pieces" that extend between a *pair* of the ratcheted parts shown in your pictures. So, incomplete, but it is part of that speculum.
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  13. komokwa

    komokwa The Truth is out there...!

    Oh...I miss SOS......

    Hey Dawnno.....your enthusiasm is lauded.... but dredging up a thread from Sept 2014.. 4 1/2 years maybe not the best use of your talent. ;)
    While Unclechuck is still around...alive and kicking.....most threads this old have been put to bed a long time ago...

    Here's a trick.....or tip...
    at the bottom left of every post is the date it was right away you can tell how long its been around...
    & clicking on the avatar of the person you're trying to give information to ....if you're answering someone and not just posting extra information....will show the bottom, if this person is still active....and when they last were around.

    There's really nothing 'wrong' with pulling up a long expired thread......but most times the original poster is long gone.....
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  14. Dawnno

    Dawnno Well-Known Member

    Agree. Just missed the date or wasn't paying attention. Thx. of course still feeling my way around. BTW, it was one of your answers that pulled me into this site when I googled a tribal art issue, and so I laud your talents. Hope to 'de throne' you some day. ;)
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  15. judy

    judy Well-Known Member

    Hi Dawnno.......

    Welcome to Antiquers!

    Until Komo's post, I never noticed the date either!! (and, it's not the first time I've done that):oops:
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  16. komokwa

    komokwa The Truth is out there...!

    Thank you 4 your kind words !
    While we do have some Kings & Queens here....;);)..... no one member of any stripe rises above the crowd ...or wears a crown !
    That said , I bow to many members here who's intelligence & wisdom far outweighs my own, & I know my place.
    Over time , you too will find your place in this ever evolving Game of Thrones, so stick around & enjoy the ride !!! :):):)
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  17. i need help

    i need help Moderator Moderator

    Smart and Humble! ;)
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  18. komokwa

    komokwa The Truth is out there...!

    I'd give you a 'Like' for that....but it would toss the 'humble' right out the window !!
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  19. i need help

    i need help Moderator Moderator

    No, we all know the deal. It’s a well oiled machine, and everyone’s suggestions are needed.
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  20. komokwa

    komokwa The Truth is out there...!

    gettin in the mood for St Pats day, are we !!!:):)
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