Featured Anyone know the maker or pattern? Blue milk glass

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    D9050074-5AF9-4296-98E2-371470A48613.jpeg 5CBC4BB0-F25C-4648-9930-479290B31B07.jpeg C0BE9CFA-F907-4095-B879-5100D4576439.jpeg
    Hey guys,
    Attempting to look these up for the maker, and I can only find them on replacements.com. The three listings they have there are marked unknown maker. Just curious if someone here knows what they are.

    The white milk glass in the last photo was found as anchor, hocking and Westmoreland. They are not marked. I am thinking West Moreland is the correct maker.

    Thank you for any help

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  3. gauntlettgems

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    if you're referring to the Westmoreland repro that would be vintage 1940s-1984
  5. gauntlettgems

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    Ok, ty.
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