Featured Art Glass Goblets - Scandinavian? Maker?

Discussion in 'Pottery, Glass, and Porcelain' started by quirkygirl, Jul 7, 2019.

  1. quirkygirl

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    These 8½" tall goblets, which ring like crystal, have white enameled flying birds on their bowls - the blue speckles on bowl and stem are glass, not painted on.

    They are each signed on the bowl, in enamel, with what looks like "C.Å - L" and a conjoined FW. Googling that signature brought up a few ebay auctions with similar workmanship, attributed to Kosta Boda ... but with no proof or explanation of how they came to this conclusion ... so I'm skeptical.

    Hoping that someone here recognizes this work or signature.

    Thanks for looking :)

    P1150651(1).JPG P1150657(1).JPG P1150653(1).JPG P1150655(1).JPG
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  2. clutteredcloset49

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    Seagulls over the ocean.
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  3. quirkygirl

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    I think so too. Thanks! :)
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  4. SBSVC

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    Quirky, those are lovely!

    It looks as if they are Kosta Boda, too! Try a google search for "KOSTA BODA SIGNED C.A L FW SWEDISH ART GLASS" and you'll see other pieces with the same markings.
  5. komokwa

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    very sweet glass......delicate and demure...:happy:
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  6. DragonflyWink

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  7. quirkygirl

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    Thanks, SBSVC! :)
    There are are several examples where people STATE they're from Kosta ... but there's no proof cited at all ... no stickers, no ads, no nuthin' similar at the Kosta site or in their catalogs that I can find.
    And now, seeing that Cheryl has found the actual artist and company ... I'm glad that I was skeptical of the eBay attributions.
    Hmmmm ... I wonder if I should message the sellers on eBay to let them know who really created their pieces. I know that I'd appreciate the correct info ... but not sure everybody else would.
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  8. quirkygirl

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  9. Verrefou

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    Go Cheryl!!
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