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    E8243BC9-E031-406D-BF7D-7AA084AB4AEF.jpeg 51CBDB67-2D1C-453B-9A8B-0E6508A925F5.jpeg B0DEC387-1D02-4208-95C6-E521076F1D50.jpeg 937A0982-7971-4523-9439-788D277F376C.jpeg D2EA37F9-0F24-4B2C-960B-DF62BC9A3BB7.jpeg 29C415B9-865B-4196-8403-48CD62BA86D4.jpeg If anyone can help with information it is appreciated. I’m guessing this is supposed to be like ice? It is signed MM 13. Very heavy
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    13 probably implies 2013.

    Studio glass artists are hard to track. You might try your local art galleries - possibility it is someone local (or not).
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